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find me! mobile game for japanese learners

spring 2019 - character design

character designs

character A

A stylized male-presenting character wearing a red T-shirt and red sneakers. His hair is brown.

character C

A stylized female-presenting character wearing a yellow blouse and an orange, short skirt. She is wearing periwinkle sneakers and has black hair.

character D

A stylized female-presenting elderly character wearing a yellow jacket, purple shirt, green pants, and periwinkle shoes. She has grey and white hair.

Find Me! is a game that allows students of beginner Japanese to practice using adjectives to describe characters. This project was made in Unity and is in the process of being tested.

My role in the Find Me! game project is to create the character and background assets. Characters and backgrounds were created in Adobe Illustrator, then exported as layers in a .PSB format.

design accomplishments

  • base designs for 6 characters
  • three variations for each base design
  • two variations of facial expressions for each character
  • background designs for two locations