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chore score!

spring/summer 2020

06/07/2020 - setting project scope, description, and goals!

Chore Score! is a tool that parents or guardians can use with their children to incentivize completing chores and tasks. Chore Score! lets the parent/guardian/chore-giver set tasks to-do as well as how many points those tasks are worth. Children/chore-doers are rewarded points when their tasks are completed and can "trade in" their points for incentives, similar to a carnival prize board. The chore-givers and chore-doers are kept accountable for their the completion/quality of their work and successful distribution of incentives through the platform.


  • chore-giver interface
    • a way to set tasks and their point values
    • a way set incentives and their point values
    • a way to confirm that tasks were successfully completed
    • a way to follow-up on incomplete tasks
  • chore-doer interface
    • a task list
    • a way to see how many points have been accumulated
    • a list of incentives, both redeemed and yet-to-redeem
    • a way to confirm that incentives were successfully distributed
07/05/2020 - what do other chore apps look like?

To see how other chore apps function, I decided to look into several competitors. Because the core point of my project is to gamify household chores, I searched for apps that used a similar approach.

  • Habitica

    Habitica grabbed my attention due to their use of pixel graphics, "prizes," and RPGs as part of the app structure. While coming up with the idea for Chore Score, I was reminiscing on my experiences playing point-and-click "edutainment" games in the late 90s and early 2000s. Habitica reminded me a lot of how these "edutainment" games used immersion into a narrative or environment to motivate me to learn.

    Habitica uses task assignment, completion and approval of task work. Users can gain points which show in different "bars" much like an HP bar in RPGs. From images on their website, it also looks like points can be redeemed for in-app rewards. It looks like Habitica is a pay-to-use app, which may be a deterent for parents on a budget. Habitica has generally positive reviews.

  • OurHome

    OurHome also boasted game-like customizability and point tracking. I was especially fond of how simple and clean their interface looked. I loved how profiles could be customized by choosing an animal and color (or your own picture). I think that a chore app should ultimately be simple to use; if it becomes cumbersome or if the UI isn't clear enough, it would discourage the app's use. I think clear and simple interfaces as well as aesthetically-pleasing characters and icons improve the overall usability of apps like this.

    OurHome uses task assignment, user roles, and task categories to organize different types of tasks and chores. Each category can be further divided into specific categories, which allows for specificity and organization. OurHome comes with its own calendar, task list, grocery list feature, rewards page, and points page. Suggested tasks are automatically displayed for ease of adding new tasks. Rewards can be displayed and claimed. It seems to be a free-to-use app with generally positive reviews. The "admin" user must have an email address to use this app.