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async logo

a sans-serif capital letter A with two forward dashes

fall 2019 - react native - google firebase

app demo video

async is a mobile application developed by Stephanie Choi and Vivian Jiang. async was made in React Native that utilizes the storage and database capabilities of google firebase. the application was aimed towards writers who wanted to share their works of poetry, prose, fiction, essay, or free-form text-based thoughts. We were inspired by minimalist aesthetics and other social media platforms when designing this app.

The primary learning goal in creating this app was to push our knowledge of CRUD-based design (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and the capabilities of React Native to create a cohesive and appealing experience.

app features

  • user login and sign up
  • editable and updatable user profiles
  • post creation and deletion
  • tag creation
  • comment creation and deletion